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If i just look at my penis erect it looks tiny, but when i examin myself i find that i have more penis inside me is that normal?? Hello am 21yrs old I need help well mine is 9cm when it is erected and much more small when it is flacide and I've small balls alor. Can it still grow? Amanda, 25 As a petite girl I can attest to the fact that big dicks are overrated. When erect, it's 5 inches plus, but when flaccid, it's as small as a 3-year old boy's. Should I consult a doctor? I'm 25 year-oldI feel that my penis size is smaller comparatively my friends.

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I've had the same size penis since I was like 10, this bothers me.

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67 Women On “Does Dick Size Matter?”

So I had the surgery which made me much larger but now I have other issues. Pleas clear my problems. Partially because of how small it is I'm insecure about myself when i talk to new girls or are around them. My penis is 3. I would be very greatful if you help me out of this A lot of the pubic fat loosely measured inches hides a good portion of what I would really enjoy seeing as part of a rite of confidence; losing weight and hopefully see that area shrink and hopefully accentuate it more to my liking. And girth is generally more relevant than length, but again, with a range.

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my dick is long
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my dick is long
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