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The bullet struck Bessie, and the brahmin bellowed loudly and thrashed violently. I had lived with my father in a shack underneath what he called a "freeway overpass". But we are far from done. Final Submission Sex slave daughter's womb is claimed by Daddy's seed. The events of the previous day returned to me, and once again I had to spend several minutes in disbelief, recounting every event until I was convinced that I wasn't still dreaming. Invariably women begin to moan in pain, and begin to cry as best they can, especially when gagged. It was not because of sadness, but simple emotional instability.

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I closed my eyes, hoping it was a bad dream, and that I could will myself awake, and all this would be gone.

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‘sex slave’ stories

But the rest of me never wanted to sleep again. He must have known how much John would sell me for, and was prepared with the money in the event an agreement was reached. But what could be worse? I knew so little that I could hardly formulate a plan. It was the first time since my capture that I fell asleep because I wanted to, rather than because it was the only activity available - not that sleeping is much of an activity.

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fiction sex slave stories
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fiction sex slave stories
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