Bay area sperm donation

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Ovulatory stimulating drugs such as Clomiphene or injectable gonadotropins may be prescribed. Will your opinions have any bearing on the mom's decision-making in parenting? This is a big deal--it's like not telling her she was adopted. Los Angeles, CA Ph: Here are some other resources: The new domestic partnership law - coming into effect in less than a year - and the marriage issues that are now before the Supreme Court have made these issues even more complex. A friend of mine did this and there are definitely ways to construct a legal agreement that would protect your friend and the donor.

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I also have two daughters of my own.

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Become A Sperm Donor at Our Los Altos, CA Branch

They are on the web: But such is life. I used Fairfax Cryobank www. Their policy is that you can meet the donor when the child is 3 months old. Good luck with your decisions - take time for them, look into different options, and even though you may feel a clock ticking, it will be time well spent. My husband's side of the family have not been told, but if a question arises, I'll answer it honestly. Some of them actually have biological ties to their parents but don't look a like and some don't.

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bay area sperm donation
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bay area sperm donation
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