Masturbation and urges to pee

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When aroused, you can feel around with your fingers about an inch or two in, and the surface might feel spongy or textured differently than the rest of the vagina. KohedronDec 14, Smokeyy90Dec 14, This is especially true if you experience no pain upon voiding. As I said above, we learn when we're young that a feeling of pressure means it's time to go to the bathroom, and when we experience pressure external to the bladder--such as from fingers or a penis--it can be hard, at first, to distinguish that from the internal pressure of urine that needs to get out. Connected to the bottom of your bladder is the urethrawhich is a thin tube that ends where you pee from. I'm the same, I need to urinate frequently, usually in short bursts and sometimes it's painfull.

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If you experience pain upon coming or when peeing afterwards, check for UTIs and, if none are present, assume you need to loosen your grip, shorten your session or avoid soap in the shower.

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can frequent masturbation cause frequent urination

Letting your partner know that it is possible that you might let out a little fluid during sex, and that it might be ejaculate, might help you feel more at ease. Often times, however, ejaculation happens when the person with a vagina is about to orgasm and feels that sensation of having to urinate, instead of stopping or holding back, they continue sexual activity and remain relaxed, or continue sexual activity and bear down as if urinating and release the fluid. I want to say that I've experienced something like what I've described to varying degrees for quite some time, but I only really noticed recently. To determine exactly what is happening in your case, try peeing before you jerk off and see if that makes a difference. Having open communication with your partner is one of the most important components of a healthy sexual relationship. Its supposed to happen

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masturbation and urges to pee
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masturbation and urges to pee
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