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She got again between his legs and got on top of him. Naruto pushed her forward as they walked in an awkward way. Just In All Stories: You filled me up while we walked! He walked passed it reaching the back and saw a door to enter through. Naruto just grabbed her waist and walked backwards. Hey guys sorry i took late.

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At least now that we are closed I can take my shirt off.

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From the back all Naruto saw was the roundness of her tits that showed off to the sides. Naruto started to cum in her and stopped his thrusting to relax a bit and waited for himself to finish. Naruto started to shoot his loads up her ass as Ino let go of her ankles and stood up letting him finish. He slowly put his hand next to her belly making sure he didn't touch her skin or arm and went down. She didn't even tell him to stop but looked back to see Naruto working his way with her insides. Naruto used his elbows to keep himself up while Ino started to give him a blowjob.

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