Ct anatomyof facial bones

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Do you accept the set and analyses of cookies so that we and our partners can analyze your interests to offer you more suitable ads? Female pelvis Laparoscopy Laparoscopy. Axial anatomy from inferior to superior At the most inferior level we see the facial nerve passing inferiorly to finally reach the stylomastoid foramen not shown in this image. The petrous bone is positioned in an oblique orientation from posterolateral to anteromedial. Autonomic nervous system diagrams Illustrations. Taste bud Hard palate Head Head of caudate nucleus Head of mandible Hemisphere of cerebellum Hippocampal sulcus Hippocampus Hypoglossal canal Hypothalamus Incisive canals Incisive fossa Incus Inferior anastomotic vein Inferior eyelid Inferior frontal gyrus Inferior frontal sulcus Inferior nasal concha Inferior nasal concha Inferior nasal meatus Inferior nasal meatus Inferior oblique Inferior orbital fissure Inferior parietal lobule Inferior rectus Inferior sagittal sinus Inferior temporal gyrus Inferior temporal sulcus Infraorbital canal Infraorbital foramen Infraorbital margin Orbit Infraorbital region Infrapalpebral sulcus Infratemporal fossa Infratemporal surface Insula; Insular lobe Internal acoustic meatus Internal acoustic opening Internal capsule Internal carotid artery:

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Digestive system Illustrations Illustrations.

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Anatomy of the head on a cranial CT Scan : brain, bones of cranium, sinuses of the face

Petrous bone CT CT. At this level the antrum is seen surrounded by smaller mastoid aircells just lateral to the superior semicircular canals. At the ganglion the facial nerve makes a U-turn first genu of the facial nerve to run posteriorly as the tympanic segment along the medial wall of the epitympanum. You can refuse the setup of cookies by modifying the settings. We use the information we collect through the use of cookies for our business purposes, including operation of the site, as well as to conduct research and product analyses to help us better develop and market our products. Cervical part; V2 Segment Vertebral artery:

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ct anatomyof facial bones
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ct anatomyof facial bones
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