Fire rated through wall penetration details

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Due to their exceptional performance when exposed to fire, AERCON products are the ideal solution for a multitude of superstructures and interior spaces that require a fire rating. The hourly ratings apply only to the complete systems. AERCON products can be used as the primary load resisting structural system in addition to being used as cladding to increase the fire rating of stud walls and to protect other materials such as structural steel. Whether the fire is above or below the roof, AERCON roof panels provide the peace of mind that your structure is fire resistant. Information concerning these details is described in the individual systems. The integral fire rating of AERCON floor panels eliminates the need for any ancillary materials or coatings to achieve a fire resistant assembly.

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Access to the UL references is currently available through their web site at www.

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Fire Resistance

The ratings for firestop systems installed in walls apply when either face of the wall is exposed to fire. The hourly ratings apply only to the complete systems. Additionally, the substitution or elimination of components required in a system should not be made unless specifically permitted in the individual system or in these general guidelines. A unique property of AERCON is that it contains water in crystalline form, which acts as a heat sink, absorbing heat and changing into steam. All joint systems are tested at their maximum joint width. Industrial uses include electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, computer rooms, communications equipment rooms, flammable materials storage, document storage, warehouses, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, maintenance shops, emergency generator rooms, pro-duct ion control rooms, sprinkler control rooms and incinerator rooms. Whenever fire rated elements abut one another, a linear joint or gap is usually created.

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fire rated through wall penetration details
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fire rated through wall penetration details
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