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Im not sure what town she was in but maybe the gene poll is a little low on water. And you, madam, I warn you, I know the entire Geneva Convention by heart! Ogborn says she even asked the assistant manager to call the police, but each time, she says, Summers told her, "No, we're still waiting for the cop. When Ogborn's co-counsel asked Friedman if he thought the event would affect Ogborn for the rest of her life, he said, "She will never forget it, but it won't psychologically affect her for the rest of her life. It would be awfully easy to set this up yourself just to get rich off of McDonalds. The caller, usually pretending to be a police officer investigating a crime, targeted stores in small towns and rural communities — areas where managers were more likely to be trusting.

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He calls it "virtual voyeurism.

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He must have some pretty keen powers of persuasion, sheesh. I think its a scam they pulled, the three of them. Ogborn then put on an apron to partially cover herself. First of all, about the actual study, try that the participants really didnt CARE about pain they cause? One question I do have about the case, after they realised this was a hoax, did they make her wait for the police to arrive before they gave her clothes back, in another article about this it says. Summers entered an Alford plea to misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment, meaning she maintained her innocence while acknowledging there was enough evidence to convict her.

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girl strip searched at mcdonalds video
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girl strip searched at mcdonalds video
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