Wide hips and pregnancy

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The following picture will give you an idea about the pelvic inlet which bounded: This hormone softens and relaxes the ligaments that bind the pelvic bones, giving additional space for the birth canal. Anyone else experiencing anything similar to this? It is not the hips but the pelvis that is related to the delivery. I carried one with me everyday and everywhere I went. Unfortunately, the nerves and muscles in the hips can struggle with this sudden change, which is where the pain comes into play.

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The ligaments in the pelvis soften with relaxin and the hips widen as a result.

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Does Having Bigger Hips Mean I Will Have An Easier Delivery?

Or you can try a pillow or blanket propped under the small of your back to take some pressure of the hips. Listen, I have heard the horror stories of women who gain lbs during pregnancy. There is already so much pressure on the hips during pregnancy. Thanks to relaxin, the hips are able to widen and let the baby come out the birthing canal. Let the size of the hip bone be very large or too small, the size of the pelvic inlet can be of the same size in both cases.

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wide hips and pregnancy
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wide hips and pregnancy
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