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Banzai wastes no time in taking her and he himself was thrusting with more passion instead of reckless humping which was exciting Nala and could hear her mewls of pleasure as he thrusts. Monty07 7 years ago 0. Yes, Sarafina must be the sterring in their school play! Site StatsUsersSubmissions 2, Comments. He was still afraid to push all the way into her young ass, but he figured it would not take many moons before she had grown big enough to take him all the way, in which case he would start breeding her cute little adolescent tail every time.

Wondering what had come over her best friend, as she had never witnessed him act in such a strange way, not even when he had demonstrated what he referred to as being The Mating Game to her, Nala wished that she was dreaming, as Simba's ministrations unperceptively became more and more aggressive.

All the thoughts I had while watching Sarafina for the first time as an adult

She was coming up on the gorge where Mufasa was killed during a wildebeest stampede trying to save Simba but she was up much higher where Simba was as he watched his father plummet to his death. She had the supple curves and lithe frame of a maturing female, but still possessed the limber flexibility of a cub that was starting to grow into the grace of a lioness. Finally feeling the last jets of his gloppy release being ejaculated into her mouth, Nala was relieved to feel the black maned male removing his softening penis from her maw. The Cubby Chronicles - Part 2: She knew that come morning, Banzai would do the same thing again all day; raping her sex and then bloating her stomach with his seed, wiping his shaft off on her fur and then fall asleep.

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  1. I really want to see more incest stuff from her. Thanks for the great post gerycold!