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If I thought it would be understood as a satire of Western beauty standards and woman-shaming, I'd write it myself - but of course, it wouldn't be seen that way, it would be seen as a racist slur. Over here they'd never leave the house without all that nasty kinky hair properly straightened out, and they all spend thousands per month on dangerous skin-lightening treatments - it's just upkeep, you know, I mean, we wouldn't want them going au naturel! Women you say tomato i say fuck you Ladies Fitted T-Shir This sort of derision, dissection and mockery of women is unjust and deeply unethical. Very Happy Tracey 27 January Bought a large because I like my tanks a little big and it fits great. Love this Jonah 13 June I love the shirt design and the color options I looked at all the colors and chose white got it and it look awesome. With equivalent sentiments, it would run something like:

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Print Technique Digital printing is an amazing process that involves your artwork "You Say Tomato I Say Fuck You" being processed by a computer and then printed directly onto the surface of your product.

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you say tomato i say fuck you Tank Top

Although this culture of thinness and beauty is gradually spreading across the pond to Europe, no, you're right, Tad - we don't care quite so much. Looks exactly as pictured. Yes, this article is deliberately provocative in places, and through the glowing red mist I can, of course, concede some of Safran's phraseology to satire. I couldn't agree more. This you say tomato i say fuck you is available in a vast array of color options, and offers a simplistic but eye-catching design on the front. I don't see what is being satirised by Safran.

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you say tomato i say fuck you t shirt
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you say tomato i say fuck you t shirt
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