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What started as a cutesy joke quickly turned into a fight. Hubby completely notices the difference, and he actually laughed when I first opened the kit and thought it would be a ridiculous waste of time. She discovered a French ex-pat woman who was working out of a Denver, Colorado office teaching women and men these exercises, which also turn out to be useful for TMJ, palsies, and stroke rehab. Rowland discovered these exercises for herself over two decades ago, when she sought a non-surgical alternative to an eyelift that she desperately needed but could not afford. Once she began the full program her face shaped right up. Once you have achieved the results you want you can cut back to two or three days a week, but I continue the full six day routine as my face continues to lift. You start with two exercises held for a total of 35 seconds each, six days a week, building up by two exercises weekly until you reach the full 18 exercise series, which takes about half an hour to complete.

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Once she began the full program her face shaped right up.

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Once you learn the good-for-all and non-invasive Facial Magic exercises they are yours for life. Once she began the full program her face shaped right up. I am 45 years old and my eyelids have lifted, my lips are plumper, my cheekbones are more defined, my hairline has lifted, my chin and jawline are more defined, and my wattle, while not completely gone, is much smaller and tighter. Since then, Rowland has made it her mission to spread the good word. Follow as Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver lead you through the eye lift exercise and the double chin aka wattle exercise. You will feel these working and will see almost instant results.

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