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I spread her legs and she moaned as I rammed my dick all the way up her tight pussy. Either way, this entire thing kicked off pretty quickly and they moved on from regular pussy rubbing and tit squeezing to something a bit more hardcore. This girl has a very beautiful pussy, a perfect, smooth, bald pussy! Both of them persuaded her to wait in the kitchen and went on to fucking. She was shocked at first, but after we explained everything and offered her a good tip, she agreed to continue with the massage. I pass my hands all over her juicy ass while she wiggles it right in front of me, turning over and kneeling down. In a few minutes all of the clothes were removed except for the knee highs the girls were wearing and then the real fucking would begin.

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She had no idea that I was hidden upstairs and filming her until my phone rang!

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Her sexy daughter was jumping on the biggest cock she had ever seen and that thrilled her very much. They got horny after that, really horny! Then we did some full nelson and after that, I just hit it from the back as hard as I can to make her cum. It made my pussy very wet watching my husband got blowjob from another girl. This girl has such a tremendous ass and she looks so sexy getting fucked hard with her sexy anklet.

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