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This is pretty funny. Laughlin claims the bit with the old lady was done "Candid Camera" style and her reaction is genuine. The character had appeared in a movie called Born Losers back in '68 but didn't cause any waves until the re-release of Billy Jack it was first released for a limited run in The movie is far from perfect. The title song "One Tin Soldier" by Coven became a top 40 hit on the Billboard singles chart as well. Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

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He's a war hero who hated the war, we are told, so perhaps he is experimenting with an Indian religion as a way of finding peace, but it is all taken so completely seriously that it's impossible for me to take it seriously.

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Born Losers (Billy Jack) stolen Beach Party scene, editing tricks

Like Patrick, I have fond memories of watching this movie as a kid. He's able to tell that the townspeople have disabled his jeep when he's inside the ice cream shop and he knows that Bernard raped Jean without anyone having to tell him. While there are a few scenes that I enjoyed, none of them lived up to my memory and the entire film could have been trimmed by at least forty minutes as the actual story is relatively scant and the scenes at the school are all laughably dated. Iconic shot used in the poster of super-cute Elizabeth James facing down a wall of skeezy bikers. I sure hope it is not from tax dollars from evil capitalists. The movie is far from perfect. They want peace, love and sex but not the responsibility that comes with those things.

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