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She grabbed it with her hand and plunged me down her throat again. Her whole body shook as she screamed. I told her that this needed to remain a secret and she fully agreed. Monday, 12 November She had hair down there but it was very short and neatly trimmed. The sound of it filled the air around us as the cutting board connected with a stark slap against bare flesh.

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That was all I could take.

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Mother-In-Law's Accidental Nudity

I started coming up with reasons to rub up against her or to get a cheap feel. I knew why and I was really enjoying this game. She called again louder, but I ignored her. There, standing in all her glory, was my naked mother-in-law. She asked to come upstairs and I granted her the request. Now the last 3 times i was there on my own when i got daring and wanted to see how far i could push it before she said anything, so while sitting at the kitchen table with chair turned sideways facing the kitchen bench drinking a cup of tea and having a conversation with MIL on the other side of bench looking straight at me i started playing with my self and worked my penis and balls loose from my shorts, no reaction i continued this for some time then got a bit braver and started stroking my self to make myself fully erect then remove my hand and leave my penis fully erect in clear view, the MIL then found a new cleaning product that she decided i needed to see and bring if over and stand next to my while i examined the product pretended to anywaywell when i finished my cuppa i simply got up packed myself away and went back to work ,i have not done this 3 times and nothing has been said,i am not looking for it to go any further but it must excite us both.

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naked with my mother in law
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naked with my mother in law
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